Friday, June 25, 2010

The House Again - Lots of Pics

In case you missed it - We made an offer on a house.

Since we didn't get a chance to look at all the details the first time, we asked our realtor if we could go back to check it out again. We wanted to see the upstairs without people in the beds, and have the chance to take some pictures.
We went today at 4pm, and thankfully, everyone was awake. They did know that we were coming, but I guess they didn't feel like they needed to clean up for us... as you can see in the pictures.
Oh - and the owner was very proud to tell us that he did ALL the painting himself. *we did our best not to snicker*
(As far as we can tell, they are not vampires, but they have 8 children with #9 on the way.)

The boy's room - very colorful, of course. My son likes blue, but I don't think I could look at THIS much blue for long.

Upstairs bathroom - I didn't get a picture of the second part of it with the shower and toilet. It's a "lovely" aquamarine color.

Girl Room #1 - I might be able to stomach this purpleish-pink color. Compared to the rest of the house, it's lovely.

Girl Room #2 - Ady of course declared this one her room. I really don't like the border. And notice how it almost (but not quite) matches the paint on the door panels and around the window? Beautiful.

This is what you see when you walk into the master suite. I thought it was an... interesting choice.... I think I would like to paint it all one color (obviously) and put a nice portrait of Christ there.

Master Bathroom - yes, they did know we were coming.

The master bedroom, aka "The Cave". This is seriously the best picture I could get. It was DARK in there! And they have very large furniture that takes up a lot of space.

There are his and hers walk-in closets - something that my husband has always wanted. (He doesn't like to share). I had to get a picture of the PINK "hers" closet. Nice, huh?

Downstairs bathroom

Downstairs bedroom - aka, MY office (paint will have to go!)

Zadyball will find lots of uses for this walk-in closet!

Love the cabinets in the laundry room!

The garage - 3 car, floor painted (yippee!) AND the owner told us that he MAY leave the cabinets. My husband was very happy about that!

And that's all folks. Now you have a much better picture of the house.
I know it sounds like I don't like it, but really, the only thing I don't like is the paint color choices. We really like the floor plan. The neighborhood seems nice. It seems to be in really great shape...
But before we move in, we will be having an serious painting party. Any volunteers??


Gavin said...

I'd offer to help paint, but you'd need to wait until december when you have weather about like what we are having now.

Looks like a nice place, but i'll never get used to all the stucco, tile, and lack of grass that is so prevalent in the city named after a flaming bird.

Caranna said...

A new house, how exciting. Isn't it nice that paint can be fixed!?