Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kindergarten Graduation

It's hard to believe it, but my son is now a Kindergarten Graduate!

Last week, the school had a Kindergarten Awards ceremony and invited us to attend.
It was a special day, so the kids were encouraged to dress up

The kids lined up and came in

I had three kids with me - by myself - so I sat near the back. I was a little disappointed when Zander was on the opposite side of the stage from where I was.
The kids put on a little program and sang some cute little songs. I tried to get some video of it, but since I was so far back, it really didn't turn out great. Plus, I had a very restless 1-year old wanting some attention.

After the little program, they called each class up and gave out awards.

I guess it was fun that they did something like this for the kids, but I didn't enjoy it much as I spent most of the time trying to keep three kids in line.

On the last day of school, they had Kindergarten Graduation. This was MUCH more enjoyable. Brandon had the day off work, and so did his parents, so they were able to come too.
We waited outside for a while until they were ready for us

Then we got to go into the classroom. The kids were ready for us, wearing their cute little graduation caps.

Then they had the kids go out, and they all marched in

Then, they gave out awards. First were the awards for any one who had read more than 50 books. They got a certificate AND a poster. The posters were individual for the kids. The teachers made sure they got one of something they liked. Zander's was a fancy car.

Then, the teachers called each student up and gave them a special award that fit their personality. Something that the teacher's thought was special about them. Zander's award was the "Heart of Gold" award. Describes him perfectly!

Then, they had each of the kids read a little paper that they had written about themselves. Zander's said that his favorite food is corn and when he grows up he wants to be a Race Car Driver. (Thus the poster of the car).
Then, of course, they got their diplomas

Posing with Gran and Papa

With the family

School Friends

Mrs. Baxla - his teacher for the last 3 months. (Teacher #3 for the year - Mrs. Bobbit had a baby and didn't come back, Mrs. Courson couldn't stay because of Arizona retirement laws)

We are very proud of our Graduate! We love you Zander!


Caranna said...

Oh how cute!!
It sounds like they did such neat things! I like the award idea and the idea of the kids reading something they had writing about themselves, that is super awesome!
The hats were a nice touch too - what a special day!

I know what you mean about the program though, I took my other two and they were tired and grouchy (as it was at their nap time)plus the room was hot and crowded - so they were pretty antsy. [My videos weren't so great either.]

debra g said...

Way to go!!! It just gets crazier from here on out. My sister's youngest just graduated from high school. She said that the unviverse had finally righted itself. We have a LONG way to go for that to happen.