Thursday, July 10, 2008

Potty Training - and other yucky stuff

We have made a goal to have Ady completely potty trained before the new baby comes. I think we may do it, but it is such a long, and disgusting process!
She is genuinely interested, and we've had lots of success, especially in the last few days. I've decided that timing is everything. For a long time, she would tell me she had to go potty, and then go sit on the potty for 2 seconds, then get up and say "All done." She'd usually have a messy diaper within 10 minutes. Very frustrating.
But, a few days ago, I put her on the potty right after she got up from her nap because I realized that her diaper was still dry. And she went! It was so exciting! And then she went an hour or so later. And even went #2! Yippee! (Although cleaning out the potty seat after she is done is not a pleasant experience).
I've started letting her wear panties at home, and she's done pretty good with them. Her favorites are her "Ooh ooh Aah Aah" panties. (Curious George)

She's had just a few accidents. I can deal with the wet accidents. But poop in panties is NO fun. I threw up after a cleaned up that one...
Speaking of throw up, I didn't even try to use the potty yesterday because she woke up screaming and covered in throw up. So I had enough of a mess to deal with. She threw up a few more times that morning, but by noon she seemed to be feeling much better. I just hope that the rest of us don't end up with whatever bug she had.
Today, she told me she had to potty, and went #2. So, I think we are still making progress!

In other news - Brandon's surgery has FINALLY been scheduled. Next Wednesday morning. I think it's crazy that he has to wait 2 1/2 weeks from when he first went to the hospital. But at least he'll finally be able to get it taken care of!


hillari said...

That's pretty cool about Ady--we're trying with Isaac too. Sometimes he's really good about going, and sometimes he isn't interested. I don't like potty training!

Dominguez Family said...

How old is Ady?
Wow, is Brandon in constant pain or does it come and go?

Kandice & Rob said...

Yeah, I think all us moms of the Summer 2006 batch of babies are in the same boat. And it's a damp, stinky boat!