Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I have to brag a little

I guess I've stumbled across something really good. I came up with my little owl as kind of a secondary thought after I made a monster for a special order. I found the owl fabric and thought "well, that might be cute." And I made the owl. I first posted in on my shop 5 days ago, on Thursday. And, as of this morning, I've sold FIVE! WOW! So, I guess I need to keep making owls!

On of the moms who bought an owl wrote a sweet article on her blog about my shop. Check it out here: Woolly Mom

And for MORE bragging, another of my new creations made it to the front page of Etsy! For those of you who aren't Etsy-addicts like me, this is a BIG DEAL! I've only had one other item land there and that was clear back before Christmas! I've already had tons of views because of it! I'm doing a happy dance!!

(see the spider? that's mine!!)

A couple of my EtsyBABY friends are there too! The penguin (upper left corner) is from Tadpolecreations, and the cute little diaper cover is from RaeGun. They both have great shops - check them out!


Daryl and Misty said...

Congratulations, the owl is really cute. There is something about the ball having eyes that gives it a personality all it's own. Good Job!

Kandice and Rob said...

The owl is way cute. And I absolutely love the black & white monster! His teeth are so cool. I need to order another one from you pretty soon, too.

Charlene said...

I absolutely love the owl. The Zadyball really has taken off, Congratulations!

Livecreations said...

I love your idea of zadyball

you've made some fab characters, the owl is wonderful, I'm sure children adore them :)