Wednesday, July 21, 2010

July 4th Weekend in Las Vegas

(I'm behind in my blogging, so I'm playing catchup. Sorry)

Brandon and I had the opportunity to get a "free" two-night stay at a resort in Las Vegas for July 4th Weekend. We decided it would be fun to get away without the kids since we had never really gone any where without them since before Zander was born. So, the kids stayed with Gran & Papa. We invited my parents to meet us in Vegas since we had some extra room and we don't get to see them very often.
We had a great time! (I realize that we were in Vegas just a few months ago, but it was most definitely a different experience without the kids)

We got there Friday afternoon. We got checked in and settled, and then went to the temple. We spent about four hours there doing work for Brandon's ancestors. It was an amazing experience. I really enjoyed it!
Mom and Dad at the temple

Brandon and I at the temple

Then, we went to a resturant that came highly recommended: Memphis Championship BBQ. It was and interesting experience. We were told that we HAD to try the fried dill pickles. They were surprisingly tasty. Slightly too salty for my taste, but good anyway.

Then we got changed and went down to the strip. (Dramatically different atmosphere than the temple).
We went to the Bellagio and visited the flower gardens. It was so full of people we could barely move!

This giant chocolate fountain was pretty neat

Then we went outside to watch the water show. The view across the water is stunning!

Looking up at the Bellagio

The water show was pretty amazing!

Then we stopped by the Silverton to see some fish

On Saturday, we went to the Ethel M Chocolate Factory. The production was closed for the weekend, but we still got to take a self guided tour.

Outside of the Chocolate Factory, they had a cactus garden. We wandered around a little bit. It was hot.

We made the required stop in front of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. I was amazed at how many wedding parties we saw in the just the 15 minuted we were there. (FOUR!)

(Taken by a stranger who didn't know anything about photo composition...)

We wandered around the strip a little more and saw things not worthy of taking photographs of. Like people shoving pictures of naked ladies into our faces... stuff like that.

Here's some flamingos and the Flamingo

A pretty flower

Then we took advantage of some of the coupons the resort gave us. We each got $25 loaded on a card to use in the slot machines at the resort across the street. So, we played the slots for free.
Brandon won a whole $0.10

Daddy won $45

And I won $40! Yippee!

Then we pigged out at the buffet - yummy!

Sunday morning, we went to church with my Dad's cousin who lives in Vegas. Then we made the trip home. It was kind of nice to travel without kids screaming in the backseat. But I missed them, and was glad to be with them again.
We had a great time and were very happy that we were able to go!

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