Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School!

Today was Zander's first day of kindergarten. He did great! He said that he had a really good day. They learned about how school works. They had a fire drill. Had lunch and recess. Plus, they talked about the color red and circles.

He even had homework! It was just a simple tracing worksheet, he was quite proud of it.

It was a little bit rough on my to send my little boy out into the world. The school had what they called a "boo-hoo breakfast" for all the kindergarten moms. I thought it was a neat idea. It was fun to meet some of the other moms. Plus, it made it a little bit easier on me - I didn't cry at all. (Although I came very close a couple times.)

We are doing a carpool with two other moms. Since the school is about 15 miles away, it will be nice not to have to drive all the time.


debra g said...

I smiled and then shuddered involuntarily at your mention of homework. It never ends. Never!!!

Just wait till he tells you at 9:48in the evening "I need an empty 2 liter bottle, a pair of women's stockings and 23 rubber bands for my science project by tomorrow".

Sheesh! Good luck.

hillari said...

Glad he had such a good first day! I didn't know about the fire drill. Debra's comment makes me laugh. And then shudder, like she said. :)

Amy O'Neill said...

He looks so cute! Yay for kindergarten!!

I agree with Debra's comment about the homework... it never ends... ugh! :)